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Parker ORIGA

Airfit Air Preparation

Parker ORIGA's Airfit Air Preparation units are made to meet the highest standards of compressed air. The Airfit range, including filters, lubricators, and regulators, combines superior technical performance with top-quality components.

AVAILABLE CAD FILES (click on the file below to download it)
cfrl_airfit_comfort.dwg skf_airfit_swing.dxf
cfrl_airfit_comfort.dxf sre_airfit_swing.dwg
ckl_airfit_comfort.dwg sre_airfit_swing.dxf
ckl_airfit_comfort.dxf xfrl_airfit_prestige.dwg
mkls_airfit_light.dwg xfrl_airfit_prestige.dxf
sfrl_airfit_swing.dwg xkl_airfit_prestige.dwg
sfrl_airfit_swing.dxf xkl_airfit_prestige.dxf