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Search Help

This site utilizes an "AND" search. This means our search results will include only pages that return all of your terms. Because of this, the more words you search on, the smaller the search results.

To broaden search and increase search results: 

  • Broaden search by using "or" 
    If you wish to find all the pages that have any of your search terms, use "or" between your search words. For example, a search on "aluminum or roller" would result in pages containing either "aluminum" or "roller."
  • Broaden search by using truncation
    Truncation means to shorten a word so you can retrieve any words that match the first part of it. For example, "oper" would retrieve pages containing "operating," "operator," "operation," etc. 

To narrow search and decrease search results: 

  • Narrow search by using "not"
    Use "not" to reduce the number of results. For example, a search on "aluminum not roller" would result in pages that contain "aluminum" but not "roller."
  • Narrow search by turning off fuzzy matching On Off
    Our search automatically matches words that are similar to your keyword. Turn this feature off to limit your search and decrease your results.